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Obulis Wiki aims to collect everything about Obulis game. All the levels, walkthrough, tips... Everyone is invited to help improving this wiki, adding tips, pages and images.

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Feel free to browse this wiki! It has been created just for you!

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So, you wanna help? Please read Editor's guide, and then feel free to improve this wiki!

TODO list Edit

  • Add the only one missing level from Chapter I.
  • Update screenshots for Chapter I, Chapter II and Chapter III. (we need a clean screenshot with all levels unlocked)
  • List all levels for Chapter II.
  • List all levels for Chapter III.
  • Add video walkthrough for each level [1] [2].
  • Add text-based solutions of each level, with different levels of spoiling (i.e. write hints about how to solve the level, but without spoiling everything at once).
  • Add an image map, so that clicking on each square on map screenshot will go to the level page. (Chapter I already done)

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